Back in January Ryan first contacted me about their wedding in Scotland.  As they reside in Australia we arranged a time for Suzie, Ryan, and I to video chat.  They were a lovely, kind, and happy couple and I greatly enjoyed learning about their story.  They explained Scotland will always be home their away from home.  Suzie is born and bred Scottish, growing up in Dunblane.  Ryan is South African, however has Scottish ancestry. They chose Scotland because it was an incredibly special place for them for many reasons, sentimental ones being one of the biggest factors in their decision.  Ryan was very passionate about the photography and was keen on the photographs to capture the beauty, and ancient history of the surroundings.  I was thrilled as I love working with clients that are as passionate about the photography as I am!  As for the wedding day itself I do believe everything went absolutely perfectly.  Even the Scottish weather was kind enough to cooperate.  I started the day off with Ryan and his mates getting ready in Stirling.  He and his groomsmen were having a great time and were all very courteous.  From there I had a great chat with Suzie’s brother Richard in the cab to the Dunblane Hydro.  Suzie was looking absolutely stunning and in great spirits and I started to capture her and her lovely bridesmaids getting ready.  After they were finished getting ready we headed over to the Dunblane Cathedral, one of the most amazing churches in the country.  After exchanging vows and a passionate kiss we took a few photos on the grounds before heading in their beautiful wedding car to Stirling Castle while stopping off quickly at Stirling Bridge.  The bridge is fantastic and has tremendous historical significance as it was at The Battle of Stirling Bridge where William Wallace defeated the English in 1297.  After a few photographs we were on to the Historic Stirling Castle which was long the home of the Stewart dynasty which ruled Scotland for over 300 years.  I have never been to a wedding that had so many amazing historical locations.  The speeches were fantastic fun as well as moving and it was then I learned how international the guests were coming from all over the globe.  It was clear how much everyone loved the happy couple as almost all the guests  traveled a great distances to be a part of their once in a lifetime day.  A beautiful and emotional first dance and some fun filled ceilidh dancing finished off their perfect day.  I loved how much a gentleman Ryan was to everyone but especially Suzie.  As the photographs show he was incredibly caring and thoughtful constantly helping Suzie in and out of cars as well as walking in her fantastic dress.  Throughout the day both Ryan and Suzie couldn’t have been more gracious and kind to myself and all of their guests.  It was an amazing celebration and I was thrilled to preserve their memories for them.