I love love. I love romance. I love weddings. The unmistakeable positive energy at each and every wedding bring out the best in people and its a pleasure to be around. In 2008 a close friend asked me to photograph his wedding.  I loved every second of it.  When I got home I quit my job.  I had discovered my true passion.  My passion for wedding photography is what I believe sets me apart.  I have climbed trees, laid in puddles, and waded into a lake up to my waist to take the right wedding photos.   I care as much about your wedding memories as you do and will do anything in my power to capture them to the best of my ability.

Mansfield Traquair Wedding

I absolutely love my job and put my heart and soul into my work. If it wasn’t how I earn my living I would still do wedding photography for pure enjoyment. Every client has different priorities. Some like the cars, others feel it’s all about the dress, or shoes, or location. I view my job not simply as a photographer but rather the person you entrust your memories with.  Our memories often fails us, as time fades we tend to forget all the details.  If I try and remember a particular day, perhaps one that should be more memorable such as a holiday or birthday, I only recall a few details.  Most of that day is completely lost to me as my memory mostly generalizes what happened that day.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and I want you to be able to relive that day with all its love, laughter and grandeur.  If preserving your wedding memories isn’t one of your top priorities you might want to look elsewhere for a photographer. I strive for perfection and spend countless hours in front of the computer editing out the smallest details such as a light switch or some other inanimate object with distracts from the emotion of the image.  I spend even more time custom designing and hand making albums trying to give clients a unique family heirloom of beautiful memories.

Getting to see couples’ reactions to their photos is the best part of my job. It makes the hours of hard work worthwhile.

Most of my waking hours are devoted to photography and design. Every day I try to improve: look at new poses, new lighting techniques, and try to become more creative and efficient at capturing your memories. I am never completely satisfied with the photographs I have taken on a wedding day. I regret shots I’ve missed and am always looking at art, photography and movies getting new ideas and trying to improve my craft.

I don’t know how to classify my style. My purpose is to capture your memories in the happiest, most beautiful and romantic way possible. I strive for believability. Although I make suggestions, I like to let each couple interpret what I say and make every moment possible, as if it could have happened on its own. My goal is to tell your story with the photos reflecting you and not something I’ve sculpted you into. Genuine moments are key and weddings never fail to provide opportunities. All the little moments are cherished. I love catching a look, a wink, a smile or a sneaky kiss.

The lovely bride hugs her mother right before walking down the aisle.

I want to tell your wedding story to the best of my ability and I don’t think 8 hours of coverage is enough. I need 12-14 hours.  Eight hours is simply a time made up by photographers of how long they want to work before they go home. This is your once in a lifetime day and there are amazing and unexpected moments throughout the day. I want to be there capturing all them: from getting ready all the way through to the late night dancing. I want to trust your day. The less time I have the more I have to influence moments to get them quicker. The more time I have the more relaxed and creative I can be by simply trusting the beautiful day and the wonderful moments and emotion that saturates every wedding.