I had the pleasure of being the photographer for a lovely day with Eleri and Stephen at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh.  An incredibly fun and gracious couple I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos of them both along with their dog Bernard back in May of this year.  They are both quite witty and always up for a laugh.  I met with them on several occasions before the wedding and always enjoyed their company.  Recently we met again to discuss the album design and again had a marvelous time.  The day itself was a beautiful celebration in one of Edinburgh’s grandest and historic venues.  Because of the grandeur and light the Balmoral wedding photography is quite easy.  I found Eleri and her bridesmaids at their flat in Stockbridge.  Stephen I met up with later at the pub next to St. Vincents Church.  Later I headed back to catch Eleri leaving the house and grab a few bridal portraits.   I was lucky this day because Eleri was ready quite early which in my experience is quite rare.  It allowed me lots of time to not be at all rushed and get some lovely bridal portraits.  That being said my favorite 2 photos of Eleri on the day were actually two candid moments.  The day went incredibly smoothly other than some dirty looks from the pastor who didn’t enjoy my inability to stay in one place during the ceremony and his inability to pronounce the brides name correctly throughout the ceremony.  Off to the Balmoral and got some lovely photos along the way.  The Balmoral is easy as a wedding photographer because its not only a beautiful venue but it also possesses some lovely soft light.  Once inside there was a wonderful positive vibe and laughter surrounded me.  The speeches were absolutely hilarious with the brides father managing to embarrass half the room in one way or another.  The dancing didn’t disappoint and there were some wonderful and sneaky bride groom moments throughout the rest of the evening.  An absolutely perfect wedding day and it was a pleasure to photograph it.