What do we photograph?
Everything and everyone. Weddings take a tremendous amount of planning and creativity, we feel every detail in the wedding is important capture. We photograph all the candid moments from you laughing with your mates and to the tears of proud parents. Or in one particular case the bride crying while walking up the isle while her father laughed at her. We also capture all the standard moments, the first kiss, cutting the cake, and the first dance. We photograph all the little details that you put so much time into planning. Details such as: the dress, the shoes, the flowers, the hair, the jewelry, the venue, the church, the decorations, the cake, the car and everything else we see. The bride and groom portraits are of course a must to show off how stunning you are in your dress and how handsome he is in his suit.

How long do you photograph a wedding?
There is no time limit, we are available for as little as 4 hours and as many as 15 hours. With weddings there is never a dull moment. There is always something or someone to photograph. We show up when you are getting ready and leave when the dancing is over. Dancing (often drunk) photos are quite amusing and fun as an addition to the album.

Will you require food?
That would be lovely.  We will have been working non-stop all day and its our one and only break. We need to refill our energy while you eat. Luckily most people don’t want pictures of them eating since they are completely unflattering, this makes it the perfect time for us to take a break as well. That being said we try to eat quickly and get some fun photos of any children that are eating.

Can we make print from the high resolution discs?

Who owns the copyright to our wedding photographs?
Depends on if you want to print them or not.  If you purchase rights to print then we share the rights. You can do whatever you like with them, prints, internet, billboards, anything you like. We reserve the right to use them for our website and other marketing.

How many photographs do you take in a day?
It varies greatly but usually between 750-1500.  Though we’re always trying to take less as we prefer quality over quantity.

Is that necessary?
To us it is, people are often awkward and elegant in the same second and we do our best to capture you looking elegant.

How many do we get back?
No particular number but there are usually usually there is lots. We often take multiple pictures of a picture worthy moment to ensure we didn’t get people blinking and to make sure we got a photograph that is flattering to everyone. For this reason photographs are often repeats of others so we save the best and delete the unflattering.

Do you edit every photograph?
Every single one. Its quite time consuming, usually between 40-50 hours worth of editing. We make sure every photo has an optimal crop, and is color corrected. We then take our favorites and edit them further to meet our high standard of photographic perfection.

How far in advance is necessary to book you?
If you know when you are getting married and you know you want me as your photographer its a good idea to book. I never know when someone else is going to book me. Some bookings are up to 3 years in advance. Other times they are booked in the last month. I work on a first come first serve basis and never double book. My schedule always fills up in a funny way. Sometimes even during the summer I won’t get a single inquiry for a particular Saturday. The following Saturday might get 10 inquiries.

Do you offer an online gallery for friends and family to purchase prints?
We offer complimentary password protected online galleries for clients and the people they wish to share the password with. Prints and downloads are available from the gallery to anyone and everyone.

How long do you keep the files?
We store it on a hard drive and we also burn a dvd of our favorite images. Its also stored on our private gallery which is backed up by several servers. Your wedding memories are safe.

What equipment do you use?
We have Canon cameras and a variety of “L” lenses. They are big and expensive but they work quite well. You might see Boyd with 3 cameras around his neck at some point to ensure we have the right lens for any situation.

How long does it take to edit our photographs?
This greatly varies depending on the time of year.  Images are typically ready in 1 to 6 months depending on how many photographs were taken and how busy our current workload is. From those images we can make any extra modifications you might want and you can choose which photographs you would like in your album.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a £300 deposit to secure the date. The rest needs to be paid by the day of the wedding.

Do you travel outside Edinburgh and Glasgow?
Absolutely, we are available anywhere in the world and happily travel. We are available for destination weddings around the world. Unique backgrounds are always encouraged. Any place that you might know of and suggest would be useful to us. If its 20 miles out of Edinburgh or Glasgow we do request reimbursement for travel expenses.

Why should we get engagement photographs?
They are a fun way to get to know your wedding photographer. You can ensure your personalities match, and that will make you all the more comfortable in front of their camera on your wedding day. Many couples print engagement pictures and canvases and give them to their parents. Others use them on their save the date cards. Another popular use of engagement photographs is a framed picture for wedding guests to sign or simply integrating them into your guest book.

Will you take family photographs at the wedding?
We are happy to take family photographs and feel they are an integral part of the album. We try to limit them to under 10 if possible. The bigger a group gets the more difficult it is to position them in a way they aren’t blocking each other. Also the less likely you will get a good picture of everyone. The bigger the group the more likely someone is blinking, or looking off to the side the side, or simply not smiling.

What kind of albums do you offer?
We offer hand made fine art matte albums printed by us and handmade by us.  They showcase our photographs by offering a lay flat binding that allows us to stretch an image seamlessly across two pages. We encourage everyone to get an album even if you make it yourself. Why hire a professional photographer if you aren’t going to enjoy the images?

How many photographs can we have in our album?
There is no limit, whatever number makes you smile the most.

Who designs our wedding album?
We personally design the album based on what photographs you want included and the feedback we get from you on your album. Before printing we send you an online proof to get final approval.

Where have you photographed weddings?
I’ve photographed weddings all over Scotland, as well as weddings in England, Ireland, Germany, Slovakia, Hawaii, Montana, Michigan, & Utah.