My friend Sarah actually told me I was going to be her wedding photographer at a time she was currently single. That was one of the best compliments I had ever received.  I was back in Montana at the time photographing her cousins Anne’s wedding.  Anne is like a little sister to me and is actually who introduced us several years ago.  Sarah and I have been good friends for a while and have had some fantastic conversations about various topics, my favourite would have to be the time she told me to “go move electrons from the other couch.”  Ok Sarah, I’ll go ahead and do that.  A little while ago Sarah wrote me a message that said “I have a new dude.”  Later I found out this dude had a name and it was Zach.  I was visiting my parents in Eureka and told Sarah I was happy to take some engagement photographs.  Sarah and Zach drove up from Missoula and we meet in Glacier.   As I don’t make it back to Montana often this was the first time I met Zach and I must say I really enjoyed his company.  He likes to laugh and has a fantastic sense of humor.  We had a great time driving around Glacier and Whitefish in spite of the weather.  Sarah was slightly worried the weather wouldn’t cooperate and we wouldn’t get any sunshine.  I assured her that most of my work in the UK is done without sunshine.  We actually got approximately 5 minutes of sunshine we first met up.  The weather got worse and worse after that.  I was of course thrilled as I’d been wanting a fantastic rain shot for a long time.  They weren’t incredibly good sports and were more than willing to play in the rain despite of getting absolutely drenched.  At one point I could barely see them and it was almost impossible to get the camera to focus in the low light and covered with rain.  The rain peaked at this point and visibility was terrible but I was really thrilled with how the photograph turned out.  After Glacier we headed a few miles west to the small town of Whitefish to take a few more photographs.  Whitefish has some beautiful boutique shops that I thought would provide some lovely lighting for some night photographs.  Really had a great time with both of them as they were fabulous sports.  Very much looking forward to their wedding in Butte next August!