Last summer I had the pleasure of photographing Amanda & David’s engagement photographs in Glasgow Green.   I got to know them a bit that day and had been very much looking forward to being their wedding photographer.  Amanda and David were married at Harburn House, a beautiful Georgian Mansion and 3,000 acre country estate situated between Edinburgh and Glasgow.  The wedding was immaculately planned and had all sorts of wonderful little details.  They weather was about as cooperative as you could expect for Scotland and rained just enough to allow the girls to take a little stroll in their pink wellies.  I had the privilege photographing both the bride and groom while they opened their wedding gifts and cards from each other which created absolutely adorable moments.  The bridesmaids had a fantastic and giggly time getting ready and groomsmen had a more relaxed morning playing pool and have a few drinks.  Amanda made a particularly stunning bride and made for some stunning bridal portraits.  David was dapper and photogenic groom.  Both the bride and groom were gracious and kind throughout their day. One of my favorite things to see at a wedding is close families and emotional men.  Amanda’s family was a very close one.  Her brother Frank in particular was extremely sweet and it was apparent throughout the day.  He gave her a huge hug when she came down the staircase and a few moments later as he walked her down the aisle fought off tears. With Amanda living in Dubai it was obvious he missed his sister.  I love witness people genuinely happy for other people.  Throughout the day he was smiling whenever she would smile.  I’m very close to my own sister, and also miss her due to the large distance separating us and was touched by what I saw between Amanda and her brother as I remember feeling similarly when my own sister was married six years ago.   During the speeches Frank gave a heartfelt speech on how great of honor it was to walk Amanda down the isle and give his sister away.  The dancing later on was sweet as well especially when their mom and sister joined in.  There was so much wonderful interaction on this wedding day.  The mum’s and sisters, the amazingly smiley grandmother, everyone had a joyous day.  David and his brother were equally close. His brother gave an incredibly admiring speech about how much he had looked up to David throughout his life and how touched he was to be standing there on his behalf. I think every single guest was moved by the speeches. The bride and groom themselves were really easy to photograph and simply got lost in the moments with each other.  Nothing forced, nothing fake, beautiful moments were in abundance.  Truly a wedding photographers dream to photograph.