Leeanne and Lee were a very fun loving and feisty couple.  I had a blast as their wedding photographer.  The two really lived it up on their day and their positive vibe was contagious with everyone there.  The wedding itself was at the fabulous Dalhousie Castle which is located just outside of Edinburgh.  Both got ready inside the Castle which I always love because it means I have more time to take photos and don’t waste time traveling between the two.   I started with Leeanne who was putting on her makeup and the bridesmaids were sitting in the hall helping each other with their makeup.  I love these candid moments.  After photographing bride details I went to get some photos of Lee getting ready with his mates.  I always enjoy the Scottish banter but Lee is exceptionally quick witted, funny, and sarcastic.  As are his mates, which lead to some great candid shots of them outside.  Later I went up to find Leeanne almost in her dress and caught the final stages of getting ready as well as a few bridal portraits.  The wedding itself was a lovely humanist ceremony.  Afterwards Leeanne and Lee snuck away for a few minutes to talk about their mornings and enjoy a glass of bubbly.  I loved that they did this.  So often bride and grooms only get a couple minutes to themselves.  After we got some group photos and Lee was cheeky as ever referring to his new mother in a law as a witch.  I love cheeky because it absolutely produces the best photographs.  Really got some fun group photos with this group due to their fun loving personalities.  The speeches were fantastic, my favorite part was Lee telling everyone about the proposal where Leeanne stopping him partway to make sure he had asked her father first.  Afterwards we did some bride groom portraits and I loved seeing their personalities come out again and I think the photographs represent that.  I asked Lee how he was doing at around 1opm and I loved his answer “Absolutely brilliant!  Best day of my life!”  The night finished with all the guests surrounding the happy couple for Auld lang syne and after they picked up the happy couple and sang more.  It was a fantastic day with a fantastic couple.