Edinburgh Signet Library Wedding Photography

I was thrilled only a few weeks before their wedding that Michelle and Chris chose me as their Edinburgh wedding photographer. The wedding was to take place on the 31st of December at the incredibly stunning Signet Library.  I had seen pictures and had been hoping to photograph a wedding at this fantastic venue for quite some time.  The couple was sweet, loving, gracious, had a close family, and fun.  I knew this was going to be a wonderful wedding to be a part of.   The ceremony of the wedding itself was at St. Patrick’s Parish, a beautiful old church founded in 1774. The bride and groom seemed to be having great fun with their wedding parties and made my wedding photojournalism a breeze.  My first photograph of 2012 was taken at midnight on New Years Eve as Chris swung Michelle around the dance floor while kissing her. Authentic moments like these can’t be contrived. These beautiful moments are why I love my job, and why its important for me to stay until the last dance.