Wedderburn Barns Wedding Videography from BOYD GOFF on Vimeo.

I met Heather and Niall last year in the common gardens of Rutland Square after my flatmate had invited them for dinner.  During dinner they mentioned their engagement. Sara suggested they should hire me.  A few months later, after checking out my website, I met Heather in the train station on my way to Glasgow as they mentioned wanting to meet up. They kindly asked me around for dinner shortly thereafter.  We had a lovely dinner and talked a few hours about many things including all things photography and then ventured into the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. It was great getting to know them a little better.

The wedding day was a beautiful end of summer celebration held at Wedderburn Barns.  When I arrived, Heather was just finishing getting ready and all of her wedding party were in a joyful mood.  Heather looked absolutely stunning in her beautifully tailored dress.  We took a few photos of her looking gorgeous in her dress and then a few family photographs.  Soon after we headed to the Barns for the ceremony.  Niall was happy, calm, and patiently waiting.  The ceremony was a lighthearted humanist one telling their lovely story.  Throughout the ceremony and reception beautiful music played and Heather’s friends sang.

Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed canapés and a delightful lunch.  Speeches were both heartwarming and amusing.  Heather had a humorous little outburst when discovering the extent (or lack there of) Niall’s stag party drinking while listening to the best man’s speech.   Shortly after I stole the bride and groom away from the party for a bit before the evening guests arrived to get some couple’s photographs in the soft evening light.  Heather and Niall were great fun to photograph;  the surroundings were beautiful and the combination made for wonderful photographic opportunities.

Evening guests arrived and were delighted with nachos (I quite miss Mexican food living in the UK).  The dancing started and the guests were most enthusiastic.  I guided the happy pair away one last time to get some night portraits before heading home. The day was perfection from start to finish and I was thrilled to capture it.