Had an amazing day with Nicola and James and their little family in Dunblane Cathedral and the Three Kings in Falkirk.  The couple was very laid back and very easy to photograph.  I love when kids are at a wedding because as a wedding photographer you know there will absolutely always something to photograph.  I love the challenge and pressure of wedding photography, I think having that once chance to photograph a day that they will enjoy the rest of their lives is really what drives me.  I know on the day I rarely take a break for anything, oftentimes I completely forget to eat or drink and don’t realize it until dinner is served.   I was really flattered when Nicola and James chose me as their wedding photographer because James works in the wedding industry and they had told me they had seen a lot of photographers over the years and they were looking for something different.  On the day they were fantastic and really gave me creative reign with the light and backgrounds and Nicola and James did an amazing job of providing the lovely interaction.