I had a lovely time at the Munchell wedding!  When I arrived Kate and her bridesmaids were having a great time getting ready.  Soon I went over to see Adam who was delighted with his photo album of their lives thus far that Kate had gave him as a wedding present.  I was pleased to see some engagement photographs I had taken included.  Back over to Kate, her father walked in and saw his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress and couldn’t hold back the tears.  It was adorable.  We headed off to the beach for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony.  I must say I absolutely adore outdoor ceremonies and the weather couldn’t have been better.  It was overcast which allowed me to photograph them from every angle.  As a photographer outdoor weddings give you limitless possibilities in composing a photograph which I absolutely love.  The ceremony was an emotional one with their son Reed making a few appearances now and then.  After the ceremony I got to see Adam with his son.  He was an amazingly attentive and loving father.  Though gender roles are getting less defined as society progresses I still love seeing fathers being affectionate and loving with their children.  It was a intimate and emotional wedding and many words were spoken of missed loved ones.  Historic St. Andrews was the place where they met and the place they knew they wanted to wed.  The evening was capped off with some lively dancing with Reed and his mum and dad.  It was a perfect day.