The wedding of Laura and Dave at Solsgirth House was a uk wedding photographers dream despite the rainy weather.  People often worry too much about the weather on their wedding day.  Neither the bride or groom seemed to mind in the slightest.  Their positive attitude towards the rain ensured everyone had a wonderful time.  It started off with Dave at Airth Castle where the groom was having a fantastic time with his groomsmen.  I find the people who are difficult to photograph are those who are nervous and end up trying to hard.  Dave and his mates were relaxed and easy to photograph.  Once ready we headed to Solsgirth House and stopped off along the way to put in a few signs for guests.  I love capturing all these little moments that help tell the story of a couples wedding day.  The beautiful bride Laura is a interior designer and her attention to detail along with design aesthetics were highly apparent in her wedding details.  Everything was perfectly coordinated from the the flowers to the invites.  It was absolutely flawless and had a beautiful theme.  The couple, their bridesmaids, groomsman, families and guests were all fun loving and really easy to photograph.  I had a fantastic day photographing their wedding and was quite pleased with the results.