The wedding of Michelle and Chris took place on New Years Eve in Edinburgh’s majestic Signet Library.  The Signet library wedding photographs were very easy to take as its an  iconic  venue that possesses lovely ambient light.  I really enjoyed photographing in the venue as there was lots of ways to creatively compose my photographs and the light was flexible enough to allow it.  I especially loved having the use of the balcony and getting a much higher perspective than I typically get for wedding photography.  The bride in groom were truly lovely and very much in love.  The bride and groom provided countless candid photographic opportunities as did their family and friends who were also a loving and fun group which ensured there was never a dull moment.  I love staying until the last dance because you get to see such fantastic interaction during the evening reception.  The bride and groom spent a huge amount of time on the dance floor and were incredibly affectionate which is always such a beautiful thing to witness.  Love was definitely in the air that evening as all the guests seemed to be cuddling and kissing one another.  The wedding had lovely light, fantastic moments, and offered creative compositions, everything I could have asked for as a wedding photographer.