Samta and I met up a few months ago to discuss their upcoming wedding and we had a great time chatting.  Antonios was unable to meet up at this time as he works in Manchester at the moment.  Antonios like my girlfriend Anna is Greek.  Since they weren’t there and Samta and I had both experienced the Greek culture as outsiders we had a great time swapping stories.  Both of us loved Greece and the passion of the people.  I speak a little Greek and I was really excited to photograph a Greeks in a wedding environment.  When I arrived at Samta’s flat in was quite amazing because though there was a bit of stress in getting ready her side of the family was calm, collected and reserved.  I absolutely love getting ready shots.  I love catching the mood and I love getting elegant shots of the bride before her hair and makeup are done.  Samta warned me when I headed over to Antonios that it was a little bit crazy over there.  I hoped so, I love a good frenzy.  When I got there though everyone was sitting and it was rather quiet.  I spoke a little Greek to greet everyone and I was delighted to find how happy they were with the little greek I spoke.  I asked Antonios if I could get a few shots of him getting ready.   It was around this time the Greece I know and love came alive.  There was this fantastic buzz in the flat and all of a sudden it was alive and everyone was talking and laughing and having a great time.  At some point I took some video because the photographs simply weren’t doing justice to the amount of activity in the flat.  Many were still speaking to me in Greek which was make it increasingly hard to capture moments while at the same time be courteous to the Greeks.  Soon I had to get back to Samta, and I had to say goodbye to the Greeks for a little while.  I went back to Samta’s and she was in her dress and looked gorgeous.  I took a few more of Samta and we headed to Prestonfield House.  The venue itself is stunning and to describe in one word: red.  I love love love red.  I knew Samta loved it as well as she asked for a red wedding album so I figured I had been given a green light (or perhaps red?) to take lots of red photographs.  The wedding took a little while to start as the flowers were a bit late in arriving.  None to worry no wedding ever goes perfectly to plan.  I loved her vibrant bouquet!  The wedding itself was an intimate ceremony for family and friends.  And it was adorable!  Samta and Antonios kept staring glances at each other and there were barely any dry eyes in the whole room.  I love small intimate weddings because the bride and groom get to spend quality time with the most important people in their lives rather than going around and simply having time to thank everyone for coming.  The rest of the day continued in the same beautiful way the rest of it had and I’ve rarely seen two families interact so much and in such a wonderful way .  It was especially lovely seeing families from completely different sides of the globe (Greece & India) really enjoying one another despite some language barriers.  I had a delightful time as the wedding photographer of Samta & Antonios at the Prestonfield House in Edinburgh.