I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Falconer sisters earlier this year while Amy was home planning her Scottish wedding.  Amy and Erinn couldn’t have been more delightful and I was immediately excited for the wedding.

Amy soon headed back to Australia to help her fiance, Erik with their move to China. The move was unexpected, such is the life of a football player as Erik Paartalu had just been traded from Brisbane to Tianjin Teda. I was thrilled to be able to meet up and spend a little time with Amy and Erik a few days before the wedding. Erik is a laid back, genuine, and fun loving Aussie, and Amy was delightful as ever. After a few minutes with them, I knew he and his groomsmen would provide fantastic moments to capture.  Amy was sweet and kind and slightly worried she would transform into bridezilla.  I assured her there was no way it was possible as she was too stress free and selfless.

I arrived at picturesque Isle of Butte the day before to look around the island a bit and was quite excited with what I had to work with.  When I arrived on the day Amy was accompanied by her beautiful bridesmaids who were some of the happiest and most relaxed ladies I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing.  Amy looked absolutely breathtaking.  I headed over to get a few of Erik who was looking very debonair and he & his mates were great fun to photograph.

Amy & Erik were wed in the Marble Chapel at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute, which is without a doubt one of the most spectacular wedding venues in the UK, if not Europe. After the ceremony the guests were surprised with an energetic performance by Clanadonia, an authentic Scottish drums and pipes band.  Erik got a chance to join in drumming with the band much to the joy of all the guests.  The wedding reception was also held at  Mount Stuart which is staffed by an amazing team who catered to every need. The entire day was orchestrated to perfection. Amy had chosen a beautiful collection of berries, red leaves, and white roses for her decorations. The bouquet and cake coordinated beautifully with the decorations.  The speeches were a marvellous collection of humor and genuine gratitude and everyone in the room was visibly moved.  The day ended with a lively ceilidh dance enjoyed by all the wedding attendees.

Amy & Erik were absolutely loving life throughout the day and their happiness reflected on the joyous guests. Between the gorgeous and happy couple and the stunning venue it was truly a wedding photographers dream. It was a perfect day. I was delighted to be the photographer and a part of such a wonderful occasion.