About 6 months before her wedding I received a phone call from Wendy as she was planning her wedding on her sister’s picturesque farm just East of Perth.  Wendy is one of the top interior designers in Scotland.  This was quite exciting to me as I knew the wedding would be absolutely beautiful down to the last detail.  Some brides plan their wedding years in advance.  Wendy works extremely hard and her design firm demands most of her time and she didn’t have much free time to plan her wedding leaving much to be done in the final weeks.  Peter is equally busy running the largest berry farm in Scotland.  Nobody could have ever known as their wedding was absolutely flawless.  Its always flattering to be hired and entrusted with a couples memories.  Though I must say its just a tad more flattering when I’m hired by someone who’s specialty is visually creative as I know they choose their photographer more carefully than most.  The first thing you will notice about Wendy is her striking bright blue eyes.  When I met up with Wendy 4 months ago I told her I wanted to make sure to get a shot of her eyes.  She talked fondly of her nieces and mentioned they had the same eyes and she loved how they were stunning and didn’t yet realize it.  She asked that I make sure to get some nice photographs of them and one of all their eyes.  On the day all of the bridesmaids were cheerful and dedicated did everything they could to make the brides day go as smoothly as possible.  The ceremony took place at the historic Dunkeld Cathedral.  After the ceremony I got to see Peter interacting with his daughter (one of the flower girls), there is something adorable about watching a father with his daughter.  After a hugs and congratulations it was back to the farm for live music, drinks, and canapés.  Soon everyone gathered inside where the marquee looked amazing, the food was fabulous, the flowers were beautiful, even the weather was cooperative (still not entirely sure how she managed that), everything was perfect.  I must say I absolutely adore marquee’s as the light during the long days of summer is absolutely perfect to work with and gives complete flexibility with beautiful soft light.  The speeches were particularly humorous and witty and brought joy to all the guests.  The evening ended with dancing and music provided by Peter’s favorite band.  I loved the way they danced together.  It was a pleasure to capture the memories of their day.