I met up with Fay and Graeme in December of last year on a trip down to London.  After about a minute or two with them I could tell their zest for life and that it would certainly be an incredibly joyous occasion.  Their wedding did not disappoint.  They are a couple that is all about laughter and love.  They have great senses of humor and wanted lots of fun photographs throughout the day.  Mar Hall is a majestic wedding venue and Fay planned the wedding perfectly down to the last detail.  Fay looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and was having a wonderful time getting ready with her girls.  Fay & Graeme are as affectionate of couple as I have had the privilege of photographing.  I didn’t have to suggest anything to them, they were always wrapped around each other laughing, kissing and hugging.  Their families and friends were the same and there  was a tremendous sense of closeness.  Most of the guests were originally from South Africa and many of them traveled from all over the world to make it to the wedding.  Graeme is without a doubt one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  In his speech he was clearly humbled by the efforts friends and family made to attend their wedding and struggled at times to thank them.  He struggled even more when he talked about his beloved wife.  The room was in tears.  There was a strong camaraderie between Graeme and his mates.  Onto the cutting of the cake and dancing.  Again I loved watching their affection for each other as they danced with so much love for each other.  My friend Claudio wanted to add a Scottish wedding to his portfolio and covered the wedding from a different eye and perspective.   We both talked about what a gracious and kind couple they were asking if we were having a good time on multiple occasions.  Many couples say that they want us to have a good time, but they were clearly worried if we were enjoying ourselves and we were properly fed.  It wasn’t just us, they did the same with the band, and Mar Hall Staff and everyone else involved.   It was key for them that everyone felt like they were a part of their celebration of love.  They thanked us multiple times, but each time with such amazing sincerity that it made us feel wonderful about our efforts.  As far as photography they did the best thing they could do, they had an absolute blast.  They danced well into the night and it was truly the best day of their lives and Claudio and myself were fortunate enough to be invited to take part.