I met Anna and Conor in Edinburgh last July for a lovely cup of tea.  They were a happy and sweet couple and before we knew it a cup of tea turned into several hours of laughter.  I was quite excited for their wedding as I had never been to St. Andrews before and I always love to travel.  Anna and Conor live in London but they chose St. Andrews because it here they met while attending university.  Both Anna and Conor had rented out two adorable flats for themselves and their wedding party to get ready in.  They were only a 5 minute walk away so I was able to go back and forth between the two.  I always love when the bride and groom get ready close to one another as it means I’m able to do a much better job taking photographs rather than traveling in between.  I arrived a bit early as I have never felt like I had enough time to adequately photograph a wedding.  Anna wasn’t quite ready for me so I started photographing the details and taking a few candid photographs of her family around the flat.  Her bouquet was absolutely stunning and full of vibrant colours.  I love first the photograph of her parents talking to one another from one floor to another with the dress in between.  I love these completely photojournalistic photographs.  They fall a bit outside the standard coverage but to me every moment is worth capturing and these are the type of moments that really tell the story of the day.  I got one or two of the ever so elegant Anna and her bridesmaids before moving along to get some of Conor and his groomsmen.  Both groups were smiley and very kind and accommodating and an overall delight to be around.  The service was held at St Leonard’s Chapel which is a stunning place to be married.  Though I must admit I always find it frustrating when I’m not allowed to move inside the church, only because I feel I’m not doing the job the couple has hired me to do.  The couple knew of this before and was of course fine with it, but it never completely alleviates my guilt.  After the ceremony everyone was outside  enjoying the uncharacteristic sunshine in the courtyard.  Soon there after everyone headed to to the venue.  Wedding days have such a wonderful positive energy that inevitably leads to laughter and smiles.  I love being in car, limo, van, or bus.  Always along for the journey as there is always a story to tell.   The reception was held at Kinkell Byre, which had significance to them both as it is where their St. Andrews University dances were held.  The beautiful weather continued and everyone enjoyed the sunshine before heading in for a beautiful meal.  Soon after was the fabulous speeches by the father of the bride, groom, bridesmaid, and best man.  The speeches are always a person favorite of mine as it allows me to get to know the couple a little bit more, these speeches in particular were thoughtful and full of laughs.  Everyone had a quick break outside wear the incredibly gracious Conor asked me how I was doing, appologized for not talking to me earlier and then asked if I was having a good time.  It was really sweet because it was so sincere, I was really moved that he was concerned if his photographer was enjoying himself.  With the evening winding down they soon cut the cake and started off the dancing.  Followed by the epic second dance with the bride and her father which was a huge crowd pleaser!  I had a splendid day capturing wonderful memories for a fantastic couple.