I’ve known Ben since 2009 and we clicked immediately and had a great time with one another.  He is truly a fantastic guy with a great sense of humor and a big heart.  Ben is optimistic beyond what most can fathom and is the only person I know who has invited a homeless person into their home and  provided food and lodging for them for several months.  While living in York,  every time I would come to Edinburgh (with quite  remarkable efficiency) for a wedding we would somehow run into each other in that brief time I spent on the streets walking to and from accommodation and appointments.  On once such encounter we decided we needed to meet up properly on one of my trips and as always we enjoyed each others company.  He extends his generosity to friends as well and was kind enough to offer me lodging on a few occasions to Edinburgh.  It was then he told me of his engagement to Amy and we talked about me photographing their wedding.  I was quite excited for this as its always lovely to be included in a couple’s special day.  It was a glorious (mostly sunny) day in Edinburgh where I started and ended at the King’s Hall.  The ceremony was a lovely one and soon after the guests took a short walk to St. Peter’s to congratulate the happy couple and take a few group photographs.  We had a fantastic meal with friends and family pitching in to do everything they could to make the day run as smoothly as possible.  Soon after the we escaped to the Crags to get some of just the two of them in nature and with a good vantage point of one of the UK’s most beautiful cities.  The wedding had hilarious and heartfelt speeches about a couple which all the guests have great affection for.  Amy broke the rather patriarchal tradition and delivered a wonderful speech on behalf of the couple.  Throughout the day it was filled by glorious music provided by their talented friends and family.  The day ended with great energy and style with the ceilidh dancing getting the guests off their seats and onto the dancing floor.  It was a glorious September day with a delightful couple.