I met Jane and Peter in July of last year.  I’m not a salesman.  I don’t try to sell anything to anyone.  I don’t pressure, I welcome them to compare my work to other photographers, if they love my work I figure they will book me.  Essentially all I try to show people is that I’m passionate about capturing memories and telling their story in the happiest, most romantic and most beautiful way possible.  I must admit I found Peter a bit difficult to read at first.  Peter was listening intently about everything I had to say.  While I talk I like to throw in a few jokes now and then just to let people get to know my personality a bit.  My job relies on me reading body language, every moment I do my best to predict.  He didn’t smile at all for probably the first 20 minutes, and though I’m usually quite confident but I must admit I started to feel a bit nervous.  I find most couples who go to the trouble of meeting up with me end up booking me but I was having serious doubts.  I learned I need to become a better listener.   When I finally stopped talking Peter started and he had a huge smile on this face and was complimenting how obvious my passion for my work was.  We talked about their venue and again I loved seeing Peter’s enthusiasm.  Peter wasn’t your typical groom and absolutely loved the House for an Art Lover.  The house was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh an amazing architect considered to be cornerstone of Art Nouveau in the UK.   The building itself was designed by Mackintosh but built as tribute to him by the city of Glasgow after he passed.   We talked a bit more about them and I absolutely loved that they met online.  Peter has worked as a software engineer his entire career and it seemed truly fitting that a computer should lead him to his love.  I took a few quick photographs of them the day we met and loved watching them interact with each other.  They were amazing at making each other smile.  As it always happens the time in between passes so quickly and the wedding day was upon us.  Jane got ready at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow and the room staircase and outside gave wonderful surroundings for photography.  I never plan weddings photographs out too much in advance.  I’ve tried this method in the past and usually some part of the wedding takes too long, or the weather doesn’t cooperate, but something stops the amazing photograph I have planned.  What I do instead is take note of my surroundings and the light and then I make predictions about what will happen in the next 5-10 minutes.   I’m constantly reevaluating and constantly adapting to what is actually happening.  I think by overplanning you can really miss out on all the wonderful spontaneous moments that happen on their own at each and every wedding.  Moments you could never predict or direct.  The bride looked stunning and after a few getting ready shots we were well on our way.  Thought we got some lovely shots and quickly moved on to the House for an Art Lover.  The days themselves pass in a blur and this was no different.  The wedding was an adorable humanist ceremony.  Outside we took some group photographs as well as couples portraits and the wedding breakfast.  On to the speeches which are always thoroughly enjoyable for me.  After small break they were dancing the night away.  I had a wonderful time with a wonderful couple.