Katy and Dougie were a fun loving couple I met back in February of the year. I got to take their engagement photographs around the city center and had a lovely time capturing the love and joy that they shared. The day started with Katy and her family getting ready and their were some especially lovely moments between her and bridesmaids and her nephew. It was an Edinburgh Castle Wedding as Dougie served 20 years in the military and as military personale was able to get married in St. Margaret’s Chapel which is a 12th-century church and one of the oldest remaining structures in Scotland.  The church was very small and I was asked not to move which meant little variety in shots other than changing lenses.  The nice part about having a small church is everyone can easily see the bride and groom and everyone could clearly hear the vows.  After the ceremony there was a mob of tourists waiting outside to photograph the bride and groom and made for some fun photo opportunities.  The edinburgh castle wedding photographs were easy to take in such a lovely venue and the very much in love couple provided many happy and loving moments.  The reception was held at the Ghillie Dhu where they went through there vows again for friends who couldn’t fit in the church earlier in the day.   The speeches were fantastic as was the dancing that followed.  Dougie is a musician and music was a huge part of their day with many of their friends who were also playing.   It was a beautiful, joyous and romantic day and it was loving being their wedding photographer.