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I’m a romantic.  I moved across the world for love.  Love is what makes life worth living.  I truly and simply love love.  Luisa & Ian are the type of bride and groom that make people believers of love.  They are simply adorable to watch as a couple.  Louisa and Ian absolutely love every morsel of each others being.  The story of how they met is rather unique.  Ian used to be a bear, but Luisa found him in the woods and taught him how to adapt to human society.  I must say Ian has adapted well as he’s a gentleman(in every sense of the word) who is kind, intelligent, loving, and a talented orator.  Luisa is a lot of things, the first word that comes to my mind is delightful.  She is fun and creative and makes everyone around her a happier person.  Luisa works as an artist, and I must say every time I get hired by someone who specialty is visual aesthetics its makes me feel pretty good that they have chosen me.  Together they are as fun and are full of cute little idiosyncrasies.  Ian gets a constant barrage of  horsey pats from Luisa.  These are pure love but ever so slightly aggressive as to keep her bear in line.   I must say I found it slightly confusing to give a horsey pat to a bear but I didn’t argue this point.  The wedding was a small an intimate one.  Only their closest friends and family were there as they wanted to personally thank every guest for coming.  The bride started getting ready with her mum, fairy god mother, and bridesmaids.  They were all in lovely spirits and eventually we made our way to the beautiful Cottiers in the West end of Glasgow where the marriage and reception were held.  The ceremony was a beautiful humanist ceremony that brought everyone (Ian especially) to tears.  He is a teddy bear in every sense of the word.  Afterwards we took some photographs and I must say I love watching them interact.  They need no instruction.  Ian & Louisa know how to love and have so much to give to each other.  They were incredibly affectionate and simply hugged, kissed, and laughed.  After the heartwarming speeches the evening festivities were kicked off by some fantastic dancing led by the star couple who were again having the time of their lives.  Truly a delightful day full of positive energy and a absolute pleasure to be a part of.

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Michele Cocozza • August 27th, 2013

I agree with everything you’ve said about Lu and Ian. They really are a great couple and will make fantastic parents when the bear cub arrives in February. The photos are amazing and you’ve really managed to capture the special intimate atmosphere that was felt on the day. On a slightly biased note, my favourites are the pics of the boys who added their own special brand of entertainment to the day’s proceedings. Can’t wait to see the full collection…

Amy Preston • August 27th, 2013

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you’ve said about my brother and beautiful new sister in law. We are all so very happy for them, and can’t wait until the arrival of a little teddy bear in February! Your photos are incredibly beautiful and really show what an emotional and special day it was. Thank you for being such a great part of their special day 🙂

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