Top Wedding Photographer Articles

Leeds is a great City to get married in. There are many beautiful locations and venues for both the ceremony and reception to take place and there are perfect spots to create memories and make your wedding day even more special.  However, in order to make your big day one to remember, you need to invest in a suitable wedding photographer, one who will make sure all those precious and fun moments are treasured.  One option is Vanishing Moments Photography. Through them you will hire Boyd, an experienced and knowledgeable top wedding photographer in Leeds with qualifications both in the art of photography and in graphic design. As all of his previous work has shown Boyd’s photography will not only capture every aspect of your wedding day but will also provide you with a high-end product, both in content and in editing. Boyd has a very keen eye for all the details you have spent so much time organizing for your wedding as well as a creative side to give you those stunning images you would want to hang on your wall. It is important for him to capture all those moments you share with you friends and family so you can relive them every time you go through your wedding images. Moreover, Vanishing Moments Photography is available in any location you desire, be it in Glasgow or Paris, and you can trust Boyd and his camera to be with you. If you don’t wish to spend time looking for a local wedding photographer in the country you are headed for, then this option is ideal for you.

Furthermore, Boyd would be willing to share his expertise on wedding venue suggestions, and as previous clients can attest to, he will make sure to reduce your wedding day stress in more ways than you can imagine.  If you like the sound of what Vanishing Moments Photography has to offer then perhaps the final deciding factor would be the price: Our top wedding photographer charges per hour and your images are edited for free. However, if you are after a bargain, the Vanishing Moments Photographer offers several wedding photography packages for you, starting with the Essential Wedding package which offers you 5 hours wedding coverage by our top wedding photographer and a DVD containing all your edited images.  This is followed by the Complete Wedding package which involves unlimited photography coverage and a DVD of your wedding images. Moving up, with the Luxurious Wedding package, in addition to what is on offer with the Complete Wedding package, you will also receive 100 printed high quality images sized at 4 x 6 and five images sized at 8×11 for you to keep. Moreover, the Ultimate Wedding Package combines the Luxurious Wedding package as well as a custom designed high end leather album that can accommodate twenty 8×10 images. Last, but not least, the Dream Package is the most high end wedding package on offer and is naturally the most comprehensive of all. More specifically, apart from unlimited coverage by our top wedding photographer, you will also receive 150 images sized 4×6, five images sized 8×11 and a custom designed leather album that can contain up to 48 images sized 12×12.

If you are interested in what Vanishing Moments Photography has to offer then you can get in touch via email. Your wedding day deserves to be treasured and a guaranteed experienced touch, which is exactly what you receive from Vanishing Moments Photography.