Kirsten and Antoine were an extremely gracious and kind couple. Kirsten grew up in Scotland, Antoine in Australia, and fate brought them together. Both work are doctors back in Australia but decided to wed in Scotland at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  The day started with Kirsten getting ready with her sister and best friend.  They were fun girls and had some lovely laughs.  Kirsten was as cool and calm as any bride I have seen.  Its impressive to see that kind of confidence and composure.  I love love and love when I can see there isn’t the slightest doubt on a bride or grooms face.  Outside environments are fantastic because they give you greater flexibility with your compositions.  The botanical gardens looked stunning and made for a photographers paradise as far as compositions and the couple’s unmistakeable love made for a continuous string of lovely moments. The evening continued with fantastic speeches and some lively dancing.  I had a delightful time photographing an inseparable couple.