I met Verity and Alex by luck.  I had helped out a friend (Hamish) of a friend (James) by taking some free photographs in an attempt to help him become president of the University of Edinburgh’s student association.  Unfortunately James didn’t win, though he did actually win the following year.  James was kind of enough to recommend me to Verity and Alex who were searching for a wedding photographer.  We met up and I knew I liked them immediately.  They were fun, laid back, and clearly in love.  I had the absolute joy of photographing the wedding of Verity and Alex at HOPETOUN HOUSE in July.  Without a doubt one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve ever been a part of.  I was with them about 14 hours that day and I must say there was never a single dull moment.  An delightfully kind and sweet couple who are very much in love.  These two simply new how to have fun.  They had the secret to a successful wedding.  As far as I could tell they had a blast!!!  Whenever I see the bride and groom having a great time their stature as mini celebrities for the day seems to carry over to all fo their guests.  I was really pleased with both the quality and quantity of the photographs which for the large part I can credit the delightfully happy and gorgeous bride & groom, and as well as their fabulous guests.  Everyone was having fun and I wanted to photograph everyone at once.  The staff at Hopetoun House were top notch and every part of the wedding went perfectly according to plan.  The wedding itself lead to many guests with teary eyes in the room.  After the congratulatory hugs and group photographs there was a lovely time to relax and enjoy the beautiful day and its lovely weather which included a stunning rainbow.  The evening meal delicious and the speeches left everyone laughing and holding their sides.  I loved the story of how Alex and Verity met.  They were in class together and Alex accidentally spilled his coffee on the girl next to him because he had his eyes on Verity.  That’s one unique way to get a girls attention.  The dance floor was a lively one and their was always some energy on the dance floor.  I especially loved all the dancing Verity did with her family.  The last dance was again a memorable one with all the guests surrounding the bride and groom.  The most difficult part about the wedding photography was trying to decide which photographs to feature on the blog.  I hope you enjoy my selection.