Yvonne & Kenny at Pollok House

Yvonne and Kenny were without a doubt one of the most fun loving couples I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. When I arrived at Yvonne’s parents house I got a huge hug and I could tell their was an amazingly positive vibe through all the bridesmaids. With some couples a little more suggestions of interactions is needed in their case both of them were absolutely wonderful at creating moments all day long. With the exception of a few photographs it was simply me photographing the wonderful connection they had with each other and with their friends and family. I caught some lovely father and bride portraits of Yvonne being cheeky as well as some cute ones of her mom and sister watching her get her make-up put on. Getting ready was nothing put photojournalism. Soon I had to leave and go visit Kenny who was having a wee swig of Jack Daniels as I arrived. I don’t know why but whenever I’m in Scotland and I see them drinking American whiskey I find it peculiar.  I had the pleasure of accompanying them to Pollok House where he had a few more swigs on the way there in a vintage volkswagon bus. The interaction between him and his mates was again absolutely ideal. The ceremony for the wedding itself was non-traditional, sweet, and hilarious. By the end of the ceremony nearly every guest had tears rolling down their faces. Outside we took some fun couple and group shots, where I wanted to make sure we got some in case it rained later. Again the interaction was amazing and they made my job incredibly fun and rewarding. The only challenge was trying to capture all the wonderful little moments. The children especially at this wedding were absolutely fantastic at providing beautiful moments. The speeches left everyone in stitches. The dancing started and with it more fun and excitement with the bridesmaids rocking out on the dance floor.  It was an absolute pleasure photographing Yvonne and Kenny and only wish they would get married again each and every year.