On December 3rd I had the pleasure of photographing Ali and Ewan.  They were a lovely couple who gave me absolute freedom to let me take their photographs as much as I wanted.  I asked them if they were sure they wanted me to do that.  They said “go crazy.”  I always enjoy the creative aspect of couples portraits and loved that they gave me absolute freedom.  As I photographed candid moments I would compile several ideas for couples photos in my head and eventually I would pull them aside to take a few.  As I did this I would tell remind them I could stop if they wanted to get back to their guest.  I like to think they were enjoying each other and ignoring me.  Whatever the case they always insisted on more.  It was one of the happiest weddings I’ve seen with fun and lively set of personalities.  The emotions were beautiful, the speeches were filled with eruptions of laughter, the dancing was sweet and intimate.  The Cornhill House is an incredible wedding venue and looked absolutely amazing and provided ample photo opportunities.  I stayed until the last dance and had an absolute blast telling the story of their wedding day.